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  Distribution Sales Best Practices: Educational Webcast Series

Learn From Experts

Each webcast, we’ll bring in an expert on a specific topic within wholesale distribution. It might be a subject you think you’re already an expert on, but we guarantee you’ll learn something new!

Not a Software Demo

While it is true we are a technology company, we’re not going to spend one minute demonstrating software. We’re going to talk about real topics that effect every distributor no matter what technology you use – or even if you don’t use any!

Small Time Investment, Huge Return!

These sessions are designed to be brief and to the point. We want to make it easy for you to carve out a small piece of your day so you can walk away with some valuable knowledge you’ll be able to take back to your business.

Some of the topics we cover:
  • Increasing Wallet Share at Each Customer
  • Profiling Customers
  • Segmentation to Increase Sales
  • Outselling the Competition
  • Using Technology to be Better Prepared
  • Sales Rep Accountability
  • Selling Complimentary Products
  • Joint Selling with Vendors