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  Let SMP buy lunch at your next sales meeting

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

If you are a distributor and would like to hear about the latest trends in distribution sales and marketing, we'd like to buy your team lunch for a brief web meeting.

We'll arrange for a free lunch to be delivered to your offices to enjoy while we  explore any sales and marketing challenges your team might be facing. 

Learn From Experts

Each lunch, we’ll include experts on the specific topics you want to explore. We guarantee you’ll learn something new!

Not a Software Demo

While it is true we are a technology company, we’re not going to demo software. We’re going to talk about your specific issues and include role playing scenarios that show you real-life uses of strategies, technology and tactics.

Small Time Investment, Huge Return!

These sessions are designed to be brief and to the point. After our lunch session your team will walk away with some valuable knowledge to help you grow revenues and improve sales and marketing effectivesness.

Here's a sample of topics we have covered:
  • Increasing Wallet Share at Each Customer
  • Turning Good Customers into Great Customers
  • Closing More Open Bids and Quotes
  • Distribution Sales and Marketing Best Practices and Trends
  • How Top Distributors Improve Profitability
  • Getting Ready for CRM
  • Running Efficient Sales Meetings
  • Unseating Your Competition
  • Competing Against the Online Shopping Cart