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  Green Paper: How Effective Are Your Reps?

Distribution sales reps are pulled in many directions. It can be difficult to focus on the areas that add the most value to your customers.

Fortunately, the combination of distribution-specific CRM with solid business intelligence tools has created a modern platform for driving value, having meaningful conversations, earning new share of wallet and more.

Thirty years ago, ERP systems were fairly new in the distribution industry. Many distributors even used paper-based processes to serve their clients, something you would never even dream of now.

Today, running your business with a distribution ERP system is a given. The next phase of technology adoption will be CRM combined with business intelligence to help your team continue to deliver the unique value your customers demand.

In this Green Paper, we explore how the most effective distribution sales reps are using CRM and business intelligence to:

  • Stay focused during their sales process
  • Save time by automating tedious tasks
  • Achieve better penetration in their territories and accounts
  • Add value during their meetings with customers